Thursday, May 23, 2019

Friday Faves!

Hope everyone is having a fantastic week! Time is flying by over here and Briar is already two months old! How in the world did that happen SO quickly?? Anyways, I thought I'd link a few products and things I love that I've shared in my stories recently.  I always love helping my friends and followers make their lives a little easier by sharing some fun things, BUT I feel like I should add that if you're in a season of saving, please don't ever feel like any of this is necessary.  Instead, do the fun activity with your toddler, or make the yummy recipe I have linked below instead.

For The Home
I shared this carpet cleaner in my stories around Christmas and several of you told me you purchased one after I shared it but I never linked it! It's seriously the best if you have kids or dogs!  We use it alll the time on rugs, in our car, fabric chairs, the couch etc! It makes your furniture look like new.  Also great for car seats so you don't have to take the cover off.

If you are coffee drinkers like Kyle and I and use a Chemex (aka the only way you should be drinking coffee! Get rid of that Keurig!) then you need this little chemex caddy for the kitchen! It has a nice spot to keep the filters and is aesthetically pleasing with the raw wood look.  Kyle asked for it for his birthday and I mean how could I say no to decoration? I taught him well haha.

Also this Chemex Lid is seriously genius! We were always sticking plates on top of the chemex (because we never drink all the coffee at once) and I had no idea lids existed!

I've been wanting to redo the side of our fridge to make it look more organized and clean, and I have had this Magnetic Whiteboard Calendar in the cart for awhile! I'm planning on adding a framed emergency contact list (for babysitters) and some sort of recipe list as well! Also, I think spray painting some magnetic letters gold for Marlowe will complete the look.

Peel and Stick Wallpaper is all the rage lately and I seriously love it.  I grabbed a few rolls of this Opalhouse wallpaper and covered a wall in the laundry room and it's so much fun in there now! It's pictured above!

I've been posting in my stories lately quick 5 minute dinners!  I made this Chicken Crockpot dinner last week and it was a HIT.  My dad and Kyle demolished it.  You do have to love mushrooms the way we do though! I made it with some white rice and it will definitely be a go-to recipe in the future.

I also shared my love for this Chai Tea.  I usually only order it online from Walmart because it's cheaper in a bulk package, but I finally found it at the Ralphs by me the other day!  It's my favorite thing to make in the morning if I don't have time to make a pot of coffee and I also love it in the evening during the 5 o'clock witching hour when I need a bit of caffeine for survival.
For the Kids
My in-laws got us this Beach Pop Up Tent to use for the girls whenever we go to the beach! We used it a few weeks ago and it was AMAZING.  I wish I had it when Marlowe was a baby.  Briar slept in it the entire time, I nursed in there, Marlowe had snacks inside and it's the perfect place to inside and get out of the wind!  It's big enough to fit 3 people for sure and the folding up was a breeze.

I've been working on pre-writing skills with Marlowe and I found this Toddler Tracing Activity where they basically work on tracing lines.  She loved it! I plan on laminating a set so she can do it whenever she wants with dry erase markers. The download is free but you might just need to have a Teachers Pay Teacher's account to download it!

Speaking of pre-writing, I bought this Leapfrog Alphabet Tracing tablet on Amazon and Marlowe has been carrying it around everywhere.  While she may not be tracing the letters perfectly, it's reinforcing her recognition of letters and sounds.  It's also great for the car!

I also shared this Look and Find Book from Amazon that I put in Marlowe's Easter basket! She has a love for I-Spy books and this is a fun take on them!  It's a huge book with tons of things for her to find, plus it's all Disney princesses.  There are lots of other versions of this book as well, so you don't have to go with the princess version if that's not your thing!

I've shared about my favorite Vaenait Pajamas for Marlowe on here before, but I found another set for BOYS that I gifted to my nephew!  It's a gorgeous camel color and is soooo soft, so cheap, and it came in a small enough size for a baby!  It think I'll order Briar a set soon because I love the color so much.  And when I just went back to link it for you they've added a whole bunch of other colors in long sleeve and short-sleeve!

A lot of you also told me how much you loved Marlowe's Baby book when I shared it so here's the link to the baby book I used for her and the one I bought for Briar! The pages are so much fun and super colorful and would make a great gift for anyone expecting.

Briar is a spit up queen.  I found these Burp Cloths on Amazon and they are by far the best!  They are oversized and fit over your shoulder, super soft, and are the prettiest print! They also make great little swaddles for Marlowe to use on her baby dolls because they are the perfect size!

As for me, I have really turned my closet into outfits I'll wear over and over again.  I only buy things that I know I can get a ton of use out of and I found these Gap High Waisted Shorts and they are seriously such good quality! I'll be wearing them all summer long.

And we all know I'm a comfy sweatshirt kind of girl especially if they are big and oversized! Kyle gave me this Ford and Wyatt Raising Babes Sweatshirt for Mother's Day and it's seriously my new favorite thing to wear.

And I stumbled across this quote on Pinterest the other day, and it speaks so much truth!

That's it! Hope something here inspired you!



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