Thursday, July 25, 2019

Briar's Newborn Photos

We took Briar's newborn photos with our forever family photographer, Britney Moore, when B was about 3 weeks old.  I really wanted to do another "lifestyle" shoot because I just love how these types of photos document your life as a family, and your home.  This time is so fleeting, and these pictures preserve us as a new family of four. 
Briar was sleeping almost the entire time, Marlowe was being her typical two year old self, Mowgli wanted to be in every single picture as per usual, there was ice cream bribery and a break for Britney to play superheroes with Marlowe.  We also decided to read a book as a family which made for some of my favorite pictures! I'm looking at these almost 3 months later and I just can't believe how different Briar looks now!

 Mowgli always wants to be in the picture and is always protecting my babies.  I love this sweet boy.

 I can't get over how tiny she was! 

Marlowe being bribed with ice-cream.  We are top-notch parents guys.

 The silliest girl.

 These ones sum up our life perfectly.

She doesn't even fit in  her snuggle-me bed anymore :(

 Always nursing.  So glad Britney got this!

 Superhero Marlowe to the rescue!

Now how do I pick a favorite? Seriously love all of them!

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