Sunday, July 15, 2018

DIY Dress-Up Closet

I'm so excited to FINALLY share this!  Marlowe has entered the "dress-up" play stage in toddlerhood.  She is always accessorizing, and so I wanted to encourage imaginative play as much as possible.  I had been looking for a fun dress-up station for awhile, but then stumbled upon the PERFECT do it yourself one that another blogger I follow shared.  I put my own spin on it, found some cute dress up clothes, and I'm obsessed with how it turned out.  Plus Marlowe LOVES it! I think it makes her feel like a big girl because we put it where her changing table used to be.  My husband isn't at all handy, so I went and asked my Papa (my grandpa) to make it for his great-grand daughter.  He made the bones of it for me (and drove it to California from Arizona) and all I had to do was paint it! It was so incredibly kind of him to do this for me! I should add that since this project, Kyle decided to buy a saw because he senses I'll be needing more things built in the future. Ha.

The doctor is her favorite costume!

The original measurements are from What Dreams May Become, and I'm linking them here if you want to make it yourself too!  She used particle board for the whole thing but my Papa used wood and just particle board on the back.  I used a roller to paint it white, and then a brush to get the edges. It took about 3 coats of white paint because of the raw wood.  I spray painted the rod gold, and then used a clear poly to seal the whole thing so that it can be wiped down easily if Marlowe gets it dirty.

I bought children's wood hangers from Amazon, and spray painted the wood a metallic blush pink.  Use foil to cover the hanger part if you decide to do this too!  I thought about keeping the hangers the natural wood color because they looked cute that way too!

Once it was done, it honestly looked cute by itself.  But, I just added a couple flowers and greenery to the top to match her room.  Then I had this idea to make an "Oh La La" banner, so I cut out gold letters from scrap book paper and hot glued it to some string.  So simple, you could make it say anything.

The bins on the bottom are gold wire baskets from Michaels. One side is all her faux jewelry, the other side holds her hats and crowns!

The dress up clothes we own are sort of a hodgepodge of stuff.  Home Goods always has a small selection of dress-up clothes for super cheap!  I bought a Belle dress, the butterfly costume, and the tutu from there!  From Amazon, I bought her a super woman cape and mask, and a doctor costume.  The doctor costume is by far her FAV because of the accessories it came with! Also, Kyle's mom had a bin of dress up clothes from when he was little and she let us have a few more costumes, including an astronaut one that is my favorite!  We also have a few hats and crowns from the dollar store and Michaels.

Poor Mowgli always gets to be a patient around here.

some grainy iphone photos! 

Linking some dress up stations below you can just buy if making one isn't your thing!

Dress Up Closet from Amazon (this one's white and simple!)
A Boy Dress Up Closet (that looks like a castle and omg it's so cute!)
Pink Dress Up Closet from Wayfair
Ikea Wardrobe (this one has doors if you want to hide everything!)

Hope this inspires you to build something fun for your kiddos!



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