Monday, April 15, 2019

Briar's Nursery Tour

My new favorite room in the house is officially Briar's nursery!  I had so much fun designing this space during my pregnancy.  This room started out as a challenge because it has the strangest layout, windows that aren't centered on the wall, two doors, black wall sconces that I can't take down (renting!), and windows that swing in.  Not to mention a funky window air conditioning unit that I just had to work around! Also, the room needed to double as not only B's room, but also our guest room because we always have family visiting and they need a place to sleep too! I fell in love with a rug I knew I had to have and started from there.  Also, We needed to reuse Marlowe's old crib, her changing table, and her glider chair so I had some place to start! My plan was to do some sort of floral wall, include blush and emerald green tones while weaving natural wood tones throughout.

Initially I really wanted a peel and stick wallpaper for her room, but kept running into the issue of price! All the wallpaper I found and loved would have cost me $500 plus just to do one wall and there was no way that I would spend that on a rental. It had to be peel and stick so that it easily comes off whenever we move.  I searched Amazon one day and found this black and white wallpaper and fell in love, and I loved it even more once we put it up.  Better yet, the price was unbeatable. 

The "briar" sign above her crib was custom made for me by the same person that did Marlowe's round name sign over at Once Upon an Pine!  This wasn't listed in her shop, but I had an idea and sent her my design and she happily made it come to life! 

The pom pom mobile was a little project I made myself! I couldn't find any mobile I loved at a reasonable price, so I just made my own.  I posted the tutorial in my stories awhile back but plan on posting it here eventually too.  Also had to throw a little stuffed horse in her crib!

Then I decided to redo an old white laminate dresser and paint it blush with some fun knobs.  If you follow me on insta then you saw the process in my stories and I'm happy to report that it still hasn't chipped and is holding up well! The mirror above the pink dresser is super old but it was from Home Goods. The art framing the mirror above the dresser is another favorite of mine!  I designed the "Here Comes the Sun" print myself and just had it printed at Office Depot.  I walked down the aisle to that song and every time it plays Kyle gets a big smile on his face, so it somehow seemed fitting in here.  The rainbow and the sun art were downloadable prints from Etsy that I just printed and framed in my favorite natural wood Ikea frames.   

The rug was from Rugs USA and I got it for a steal on Black Friday! It has so much texture and reminds me of something you'd see in Anthro.  And the foot rest was another total steal from Home Goods.  It didn't have a tag on it, but was in the clearance section, so I took it to the register thinking it would be around 60 bucks like all the other ones in the store and the employee gave it to me for 20! Can't beat that.

The twin bed is actually a trundle!  So when people come and stay with us, we can roll out the mattress underneath and then we have two twin mattresses. I wanted it to look like a daybed with lots of pillows so it looks cozy.  The little wooden stool was a find from Ross and serves both as a little nightstand for guests, and as a step stool for when Marlowe helps us change B's diaper. 

The  horse art above the bed I bought on Etsy and had it printed at Office Depot for a total of 7 bucks! I grew up loving and riding horses and when I thought of Briar's name, it just felt like a horse needed to be in there! 

The corner changing table (that I swear is a must) is also reused from Marlowe, but this time I changed up the baskets. Above it I hung a wooden peg hook to use for her bows.  I just put my favorites out on the hooks, and keep the others in a drawer! I also found this rainbow loom at Target for 6 bucks and had to add it in here.

The baskets on the floor serve as a dirty clothes hamper, and a place to store the throw pillows, but mostly they help to disguise the air conditioner unit that has to stay there.   I always find my baskets at stores like TJ Maxx or Home Goods. 

Because of lack of closet space, we needed another chest of drawers for Briar's clothes, toys, and for guests.  This raw wood dresser works beautifully in the space and helped me work in the natural tones I wanted.  I found the "bambi" print (or so I call it) above it at Home Goods!

I doubled up the curtains to give it a layered look.  The  blush curtains are actually blackout which is crucial for nap time! 

I just really love how this space turned out and I hope you love it as much as I do! Now if only Kyle will let me redo every other room in the house...


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