Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Halloween Books!

Holiday books are my absolute favorite and I love adding new ones to our collection every year! BUT, before I buy them I like to rent them from our local library to make sure they are books Marlowe likes too!  Sometimes books have the prettiest cover, and look great on a shelf, but have boring stories inside haha. Here are some of our tried and true favorites that maybe you'll rent or want to add to your collection too! They are all linked below:)

1. Room on the Broom
The cutest book about a witch who meets a bunch of animal friends while she rides on her broom who end up saving her from a dragon! Plus, there is a video on Netflix to go along with the story.

2.  Skeletons Are Not Spooky
This one is pretty funny and has a bunch of reasons why skeletons aren't scary!

3.  The Gruffalo
Not necessarily a Halloween book, and great to read anytime of year!  It's about a mouse who outsmarts his friends, and a creature named the Gruffalo.  There is also a video to this book on Amazon Prime!

4.  Vamperina Ballerina
Marlowe's favorite this year! Has beautiful illustrations about a Vampire who is learning how to be a ballerina. 

5.  The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything
A classic book.  Follows a pattern your kids can follow along to about an old lady who makes a scarecrow with the pants, jack-o-lantern, and t-shirt that followed her home!

6.  Bonaparte Falls Apart
A sweet story about a skeleton named Bonaparte who keeps losing his bones, so he adopts a dog named "Mandible" who fetches his bones whenever they fall off his body.  Super cute!

7.  Pick a Pumpkin
My favorite pick this year! A beautiful book with gorgeous illustrations about the process of picking out a pumpkin, cleaning and carving it, and putting it on our doorstep!

8. Creepy Pair of Underwear
Again, not a Halloween book exactly, but definitely goes with the "spooky" theme.  It's about a boy who picks out glow in the dark underwear at the store.  The underwear follow him wherever he goes!

9. The Scariest Book Ever
This one is more of an interactive book with a cute little ghost telling the story.  He is afraid to go into the woods, and so the "reader" goes into the woods for him and then tells him about the cute little woodland creatures that actually live there!

A fun book about a skeleton with hiccups who is trying to get rid of them!  Goes through all the theories about how to get rid of hiccups.

**11.  Where is Baby's Pumpkin
For your babies! All the Karen Katz books are great for the lift the flap feature!  Briar loves this one!

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