Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Ready for Christmas!

Thought I'd share our living room decorated for Christmas!  Last Christmas, Marlowe was almost 1.5 years old and absolutely destroyed our tree within 5 minutes of it being done, but this year she is finally old enough to where she can listen much better!  I'm realizing next year we will have a 9 month old baby in the house that will be crawling and pulling on ornaments, so I'm taking full advantage of having a pretty tree (and sharing it with you) this year. 

I've also realized that my tree doesn't have to be the same EVERY year.  That gets old, and boring, so I try to decorate it a bit differently every time. Last year my tree was all green and white ornaments, and this year I found a blush stocking I loved for Marlowe so I thought I'd add that color into the tree.  I omitted the green this year, and just mixed blush, red, gold and a few white ornaments.  If you can believe it, I didn't buy any new ornaments.  I just used what I already had and only bought a strand of blush crinkle ribbon to mix in that color better.  The point is to make your space something you love, that you'll want to cozy up on the couch and look at.

I'm linking some similar decor items at the bottom of this post!

Our Christmas tree is old, and was passed down from my mom but still works great!  I really wanted a flocked tree but that wasn't in the budget for Christmas so I just went with what we have.  This year I put my tree in a basket rather than sitting it on the floor.  This seems to be a trend for the year and I wanted to try it out! I found the round basket at Ross for $14.99 and will be putting it in the baby's nursery after the holiday season is over.  If you don't have a basket and are tired of your tree skirt, then take a textured blanket and wrap it around the base instead!  This has always worked for me in years past!

The blush pink stocking was my inspiration!  Found it at Marshall's for $8!  The Letterboard on the mantle is pretty much always up there, but I swapped out the quote for one of my favs. 

I didn't feel like using my usual star Christmas tree topper this year because it always falls over or looks lopsided which annoys me.  So, I was inspired by something I saw in Anthropologie and took some wool yarn I had, and braided a few strands together to tie a little bow at the top.  I stuck the "N" for Noble ornament at the top and voila, my makeshift tree topper.  I love it.  I tried 3 other pieces of ribbon on it first and just didn't like the feel, so keep trying new things until something speaks to you!
I feel like the wool goes great with the wooden beaded garland and combines some fun textures!

The felt garland I've had for years, and have only ever used it once (last year in Marlowe's room). It has navy and some pink mixed in it and has never matched anything I've done in the past.  But this year...I have a navy fireplace so I knew it would be perfect wrapped with some garland!  This is a $4 strand of green garland from Target, and then I weaved in some battery operated twinkle lights that give it the perfect glow. 

I swapped out the family pictures on the mantle for the season! I added our Christmas card picture from last year on the left and I'm wondering why I don't have that framed anywhere else in the house because it's a very rare good family picture of us! The black and white tree sketch on the right I doodled up the other day.  I sketched something on the iPad, using my apple pencil, then just printed it out.  It's perfect, and I love that it didn't cost me a dime. If you'd like a copy let me know!

I choose not to use a stocking holder on the mantle because they are super dangerous with little kids around! They can easily pull one down and it fall on their head, so I just used clear command hooks instead.  You could also use a tack! Notice Mowgli's pawprint stocking up there! He always gets one full of bones!

This little stool warms up the space a bit.  I added a couple of Marlowe's Christmas books and a plastic lantern that she plays with all the time!  This way, Marlowe has something to touch instead of the tree. 

This year I added one strand of big outdoor bulbs (the kind you'd string across your patio) in addition to the little white lights.  If you look closely you can see the bigger bulbs in there, it brightens up the tree and is just something different!

I didn't do much on our dining room table because I like to keep it clean.  I swapped out the Eucalyptus leaves in the vase with some old faux Christmas greens and then added some twinkle lights inside the jar! They are battery operated and I love turning them on the the evening! They are going all over my house this Christmas in various jars and around garland because I just love that you don't have to plug it in!

Here's some links to some similar items below! Hope I inspired you to do something different this season!

Twinkle Lights

Felt Garland

Wooden Beaded Garland

Bottlebrush Trees

Round Basket for tree base (make sure you measure the diameter of your tree base first!)

Textured Blanket


Wooden Stool

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