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1st & 2nd Trimester Pregnancy Must-Haves!

I can't believe I'm already half-way through this pregnancy with baby number two! Kyle snapped this picture at the beach last weekend at 20 weeks. I'm finally feeling great, and I'm so thankful I'm way past that awful first trimester.  I thought I'd share my pregnancy must-haves with any other expecting mamas out there!  I'll write a third trimester list once I get there.  Everything is linked below!

1st Trimester

Sea Bands
For most women, pregnancy nausea is hard to avoid! With both my pregnancies I was as barfy as one could imagine.  Sea Bands are one of the few things that would help take the edge off.  They are actually made to be worn for motion sickness, but have been proven to help pregnant women as well.  They are tight, fabric bracelets that you wear on each wrist that push down a specific pressure point to help with nausea.  The only problem with these is that they are a dead giveaway that you a pregnant!

Sneak Peek Test
This is an at-home blood test that can tell you the gender of your baby as early as 9 weeks.  You simply prick your finger, mail it in, and you have the results within a week (or 3 days if you buy the expedited version).  Some OB offices offer this service and it is covered by insurance if you are over a certain age so check with your doctor first!  I didn't qualify, so I bought this test! The test is 99% accurate and is well worth it if you are one of those impatient people like me!  We found out the gender of baby #2 at 10 weeks!

Trash Can/Barf Bag
This might sound ridiculous, but a barf bag is an absolute necessity wherever you go.  I always stashed a plastic bag in my purse, car, or diaper bag and it came in handy often.  Nausea happens quickly and suddenly when you are pregnant and you want to be prepared when it hits especially since a lot of the time you can't make it to the bathroom.

Comfortable Bras
Any pregnant mommy knows how quickly your breasts grow during your 1st trimester and how sore they are ALL THE TIME.  All your bras won't fit before you know it, and bras with an underwire are a big no no.  I've found that wearing a sports bra, or bralette style are the most comfortable and will last you throughout your pregnancy and well into nursing (they pull up or down easily).  The ones I linked are only a 5 bucks and are literally all I wear!

Jolly Ranchers/Sour Candy
When the nausea is especially bad, I found that sucking on some sort of hard candy or sour candy helped me the most!  You can spend the money on Preggie Pops, or just buy a bag of Jolly Ranchers for the same effect in my opinion.  This is the only food I'm listing on here because everyone has different cravings and different things that will curb that sick feeling.

This little stretchy waistband goes around your pants and jeans and allows you to still wear your normal clothes for a bit longer!  You can keep your jeans unbuttoned or unzipped and just slip this elastic band on.

2nd Trimester

Primally Pure Body Butter
This is literally the only thing I rub on my belly and my body!  This stuff is super thick, and works wonders on your stretching skin.  It's all natural and smells amazing!  I love the citrus and mint smell the most, but the Lavender and Eucalyptus scent is wonderful before bed. Use code EMNOBLE at checkout and you'll get 10% off your first purchase.

Under the Belly Panties
Life-changing I'm telling you.  These panties go under your growing belly and make wearing underwear while pregnant so much more comfortable.  I didn't buy these with Marlowe and I'm regretting it now.

Over the Belly Leggings
You honestly only need 2 pairs of leggings, and one pair of maternity jeans in the cold months when pregnant.  I linked the over-the belly leggings I wear often! They make getting dressed so much easier, and go great under a dress too when it's cold!

Pregnancy Pillow
I busted out my pregnancy pillow the second I started feeling uncomfortable while sleeping.  I definitely recommend investing in one of these, and if anything at least a body pillow.  Kyle and I joke that my pillow is my "second husband" because it takes up the entire bed.

T-Shirt Dresses
Instead of buying maternity clothes, I'd rather invest in something I'll wear postpartum as well! I'm literally living in t-shirt dresses because they are comfortable and grow with my belly (plus it's still hot here!).  Buy the t-shirt dresses that have a v-neck or have stretchy fabric so that you will be able to nurse in them when the baby comes!

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