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Father's Day Gift Guide

I'm not lying when I say shopping for my husband is one of the hardest things to do.  So, I actually sat down with him to have him help me with this post!  When I started researching "Father's Day Gifts" online I couldn't find a thing on ANY gift guide that was worth using. Most of the gift ideas that come up in a general search are geared towards men that are into BBQing or drinking beer, and well, my husband just isn't into either! Instead, Kyle is best described as a techy, athletic, coffee drinking, book-nerd dad.  If the dad you are shopping for is into any of those things...then this Father's Day gift guide is for you!

Encyclopedia Blazertannica Book //$16.73//
The World Cup is coming up and my husband is obsessed with all things soccer.  He told me he HAD to have this book written by The Men in Blazers (Roger Bennett and Michael Davies) as it tells you everything you need to know to be caught up before the World Cup.

Basketball and Other Things Book //$13.59//
This is a funny coffee table book about basketball written by Shea Serrano.  If the dad in your life is obsessed with basketball like Kyle, then this is the PERFECT gift.

Bean Box Coffee Subscription //$19 per month//
For the coffee-loving dad's out there, this is a super cool coffee subscription!  You can pick your plan and your roast and they will deliver some of Seattle's best coffee monthly.  Kyle got this as a gift a few Christmas's ago and it was a definite winner.

Board Shorts //$55// (and matching shorts for your little! //$22//)
We all know I love Kortni Jeane Swimsuits because I can match with Marlowe.  But did you know they also make super cute men's swim trunks AND matching trunks for little boys?  I love the pink and grey shorts above but there are a ton of other prints too!  This would be a fun gift since summer is finally here!

Pair of Thieves Matching Socks //$16.00//
Another option for twinning with your little, these Pair of Thieves socks come in a set of for dad and one for a little kid!  Kyle wears fun socks to work almost every day, and I love all the designs from this company.  They also sell them at Target! Press on the link for all the other designs!

Leather Apple Watch Band //$49.50//
Originally I was going to link a new watch, but the reality is that most of the men I know just wear their apple watch everyday.  So instead of a new watch, how about a new watch band?  You can easily change out these leather watch bands from Etsy.

Quip Toothbrush //$25//
The Quip Toothbrush is the new "trendy" toothbrush.  It is electric with a minimalist design that supposedly gives you the best clean!  Kyle said he really wants one (and my own dad LOVES his) so I'm adding it to the list!

Outdoor Voices Workout Shorts //$65//
Outdoor Voices is Kyle's favorite company for workout clothes.  If you workout often, it's important to have quality clothes! He loves the workout shorts linked above and they come in multiple colors!

A New Hat //$25//
Every man I know loves a good hat.  Kyle is always in need of a new one since he wears them so much! The company '47 has a wide selection for every style and every team!  I linked the Dodger's hat above but you can easily search for your favorite team.

All Birds Shoes //$95// (and matching Small Birds //$55//)
The joke is that these are the shoes that all the tech guys wear.  It's because they are the perfect mix of work shoe and casual shoe!  Better yet, they also make "Small Birds" shoes for little kids so daddy and kid can match!

Chemex //$36.95// (+ Electric Pour Over Kettle //$34.99//)
Another gift for the coffee loving dad.  In my opinion using a Chemex/Pour-Over is the only way to make coffee.  Kyle uses his EVERY morning and we love it so much we got rid of our Keurig (it just doesn't compare).  I recently bought Kyle the electric kettle linked above and it was a game changer for heating up water!

iPhone + Wallet Case ($14.99)
A simple iPhone case that also has a couple slots on the back to hold his most important cards and replace his wallet. I really love the two-tone design but this one also comes in a brown leather version.

Mickey T-Shirt //$15//
Have you seen Target's line of Disney clothing recently?  If you are a Disneyland pass holder like us or just an overall Disney lover then this is a cute solid black Mickey t-shirt.  Marlowe will love her Daddy wearing it and Kyle needs something for all our Disney trips! This brand runs HUGE so size down.  I also think you'll have better luck finding this shirt in store than online!

Daddies are Awesome Board Book //$7.99//
The cutest little board book to throw in your gift bag as a book that baby and dad can read together!  Plus every page has cute dogs on it!

The Perfect Grandpa Gift: 

How to Babysit a Grandpa Kid's Book //$11.45//
If you need a little gift for grandpa then take a look at this book! I LOVE this adorable story that Marlowe can read with her grandpa when he visits!  The narrator gives important tips on how to babysit a grandpa and it's pretty darn cute if you ask me.

**All pictures of products are taken from the site linked.

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