Saturday, May 12, 2018

Our Second Mother's Day

"Before there was you, I slept until noon.  I took naps when I wanted and didn't watch cartoons.  Before there was you, life was filled with less stress.  There were no toys on the floor and the house was not a mess.  Before there was you, I was wined and I was dined.  I never checked for poop by sniffing a behind.  Before there was you, I could go to the mall without disapproving looks of shock and appall.  Before there was you, I'd primp for an hour.  Now, I go days without taking a shower.  Our lives have changed completely, but this much is true, I never knew pure joy, before there was you."


Happy Mama's Day to all the wonderful, selfless moms out there (and my own mom of course!).  I hope you know that YOU have the most important job in this world. Sharing some special "Mother's Day" photos Marlowe and I took together last weekend at a local orange tree field.  I never want to forget her this little.

Love how these turned out! My husband is becoming quite the photographer!  Our matching outfits are from Old Navy (press here for Marlowe's dress and my dress) that I snagged around Easter, and Marlowe's bow is from Joey Mae Handmade.

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