Monday, January 22, 2018

Favorite Bow Shops

Bows, bows, and more bows!  If you are a girl mom, you'll know that bows sort of come with the territory.  The bows that have the nylon type headband are super popular right now because the nylon is one size fits all and DOESN'T hurt your baby's little head like other elastic style headbands can.  Once your baby has hair,  you can switch to a silver alligator clip that is attached to the back of the bow.  Someone asked me the other day to send her all my bow shops because she was having a hard time finding bows that didn't look cheap. I thought I'd share them here for all you moms out there with little girls!  Better yet, all of the companies below are considered small shops, so you are supporting other women who turned their passion into a business! 

Little Poppy Co.
The original monthly bow subscription company!  You get 3 bows a month for 11.99 that ships at the end of the month.  It's super fun to see what the bows are going to be each month and makes for some happy mail!  You can choose between an alligator clip, or the nylon headband for your subscription. They are also offering a pigtail bow subscription now! 

Wunderkin Bows
Wunderkin makes some seriously beautiful, unique bows.  They are always in such high demand, and sell out fast, so you have to pay attention to their instagram for their release dates.  Currently, I am LOVING their velvet bows.  They also sell other adorable items besides just bows!

Lark and Laurel Co.
An adorable Etsy bow shop! I love Lark and Laurel bows because they are more reasonably priced than other companies.  Also, their alligator clip seems to stay in Marlowe's hair better than most.  Again, with any bow you can choose if you want a nylon headband or an alligator clip. They have an adorable collection in their shop now! 

LaBelle Baby Bows
I'm in LOVE with this bow shop because they make extremely unique bows from VINTAGE fabrics.  The shop owner likes to find fabric that you can't find anywhere else (think German velvet from the 1930s).  Follow their Instagram to see when they open their shop next!

June Bows and Blossoms
June Bows and Blossoms is a sweet Etsy shop that not only makes bows, but also beautiful flower headbands on nylon.  The flower headbands are soooo gorgeous for photoshoots, or newborn pictures. The flowers don't look cheap, and they don't fall apart like some fake flowers. 

Zozu Baby
Another sweet bow shop where you can buy individual bows OR sign up for a customizable subscription.  They also sell out fast!  I love the quality of these bows and how they release collections with a theme. 

Baby Bling Bows
If you aren't into the clip-in style, or nylon headband, Baby Bling Bows makes more of the turban style headbands.  They have a huge selection, and make their headbands one size fits all.  They are super stretchy and more comfortable than some other companies!

**All pictures above belong to each shop listed.

Also, I like to store Marlowe's bows by clipping them onto a macrame wall hanging!  It makes for a cute wall display and then I can always find the one I'm looking for.  I've seen others organize them in plastic containers in a dresser, clip them onto one of those earring stand holders, or just throw them all into a cute basket!  How do you store your bows?

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