Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Oak Glen Apple Picking

It's finally fall! Which means pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin candles, pumpkin patches, and apple picking!  One of the neatest spots in Southern California is Oak Glen, a little gem near Yucaipa where it literally felt like I was back in a North Carolina fall.  There's several farms where you can pick apples, raspberries or pumpkins this time of year and a whole bunch of cute shops and bakeries.  Also, for all the photographers, there are some pretty AMAZING picture spots.  Kyle and I took our engagement pictures there 7+ years ago.  Anyways, we brought our own little apple picking bucket that I had laying around as a prop from old photography sessions and then put Marlowe on Kyle's shoulders so she could pick the apples.  The hardest part was keeping her from eating them the whole time...she loves apples, so trying to explain to a 13 month old that we needed to wash them first didn't go over so well haha. I am OBSESSED with how these spur of the moment pictures came out, we just happened to coordinate unplanned and I had Kyle's dad take some family pictures of us that I just LOVE. There were too many I wanted to share, so I just had to post them all here! We will definitely be going back soon and I'll be making some crockpot applesauce with all our apples!

Probably my favorite picture below!  She was sooo proud she had an apple!  Look at that smirk!

It's so hard to get a good family picture!  I'm shocked these ones turned out.

Another fav!

That belly, her bow falling out, her silly smile, and my husbands E tattoo :)

Marlowe's Outfit Details (Press Link!):

Bow from Joey Mae Handmade
Gray Sweatshirt from Carter's
Mustard Leggings from Old Navy

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