Saturday, August 12, 2017

You are One!

Dear little bug,

Today you are one!  I really don't know how that's possible, since it was just yesterday I heard your first cries. While you won't remember your first year of life, I hope to remember as much as I can.  So I'm writing it down, because I know with time I'll forget the little things you did this year that made you so special.

I'll never forget holding you for the first time, the way we locked eyes, and your perfect little face.  Your tiny little hands attached to your wrinkly body.  When I snuck out of my hospital bed on the 3rd night and got you out of your bassinet in the middle of the night, just so I could hold you without being interrupted.  The drive home from the hospital, how slow your daddy drove, how nervous I was.  When we introduced you to your brother Mowgli, how he smothered you in doggy kisses, he loved you immediately.  Your intoxicating baby smell and baby breath, I'm convinced that nothing smells better. Your first bath, how you were so comfortable in the water. Your first poop explosion, all over daddy, the changing table, and the floor.  The first night I cried, because I was just. so. tired. and you wouldn't sleep.  Our nursing journey together, all the pain and rewards.  The time your grandma made me nurse you in public, just for practice, on a bench in front of Nordstrom Rack, because I was so scared to nurse you anywhere but home.  Your bassinet next to my bed, the comfort of always knowing you were breathing and the constant checking up on you.  The way you hated being swaddled, because you run warm like your daddy.

I'll never forget your first smiles, how rewarding that was to know you were smiling because you were happy. The time your daddy teared up because you smiled at him.  The moment I realized that your hair was really blonde and your blue eyes were here to stay.  Your chubbiness and ALL those rolls.  How I'd lift up your chin just to clean the goop out from under your neck.  When you started blowing bubbles and how we thought it was so funny.  How you loved blowing and receiving raspberries on your tummy.

All the naps we took together.  How you always want to nap in my bed next to me.  All the times I just laid there and stared at you, and studied you, instead of sleeping myself.  All the times I nursed you to sleep, and you would just rest in my arms.  Allllll the sleepless nights, because of growing or your teeth cutting.  The countless times I rocked you in your glider, with Mowgli at our feet.  All the nights we co-slept, because it was easier than constantly fighting you to sleep in your crib.  The week we taught you to sleep in your crib, and how it was harder on me than on you.  The nights before both of my surgeries, how I left you for 5 days both times.  How quickly you adapted without me.

When you discovered your voice and all you wanted to do was scream.  How you started talking at 6 months, and your first word was "mama".  How you'd only say "mama" when you were mad and crying.  Then you learned, "baba", which soon became "dada".  When you learned the word "baby", and everything became your "baby".  How you like to sing, and hum to music.  Your giftedness with music.  How you dance like crazy.  The way you put your hand in the air and shake your butt to the beat.  How much you LOVE Moana, and how you could listen to "You're Welcome" a hundred times in a row.  The ocean sounds playing before bed every night.

When you started rolling over, and how long it took because you were so chubby.  How once you rolled, you never stopped moving from there.  How you'd roll across the floor to get to what you wanted.  When you started crawling and getting into everything.  How you'd find every crumb on the floor and try to eat it.  When you started standing, and then falling down on everything.  How you always wanted to go on a walk with daddy and hold his hand.  The day you let go, and started walking by yourself.

How you'd always run me over in your walker.  How you loved carrying your baby doll around the house.  How you would point at the pictures of you up the stairs and laugh.  How you loved looking at the picture of you on my lock screen on my phone.  How you loved standing on my bed and falling on the pillows.  How you love banging on the end table at Grandma's because it sounds like a drum.  How you light up when Grandma comes to see you, and how you love to Facetime your Lolo. How you bark when Mowgli barks at the door.  Your first tantrum in the store, because I took away my bracelet.  How you "pat" Mowgli.  All the times I read you, "Goodnight Baby", and "Where is Baby's Belly Button?".  How you point the remotes at the TV and record all kinds of odd shows.  The time you learned peek-a-boo with the couch blanket.  How you jumped like a wild man in your bouncer.

The way you scrunch your nose when you smile.  How your blonde hair always gets in your eyes.  The space between your two front teeth.  The crease between your wrist and hand, and the crease on your thigh.  Your square chubby feet.  Your rosey red cheeks when you get too hot.  Your pale white skin.  The tan lines on your arms.  Your oh so beautiful smile with your squinty eyes.

The way you chew your food with your front teeth.  How you throw your food off the tray when you're done eating and feed the dog.  How you think it's so funny when you spit out your water after drinking from your sippy cup. How you stomp on every twig outside when you're walking.  When you loved to eat your toes.  Your big wet sloppy kisses.  How you are a social butterfly and want to talk to everyone you meet.  The way you are so incredibly trusting to complete strangers.

I love you sweet girl.  I can't wait to see what this year brings with you!  You make this world such a happier place.



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