Friday, February 22, 2019

Friday Faves!

It's been awhile but I thought I'd post a few things I'm loving lately! I'm hanging tight over here with only 2 weeks till this baby comes out and the wait is so hard.  I just want to meet her already!

I've seen these "eye" photos floating around instagram a ton lately and I think they are so beautiful!  Thought I would try it on my sweet girl, which I should add was nearly impossible and this was the only shot I got because she just couldn't stay still!  Love her eyes and how it shows the green and blue in them.  I just made my aperture around a 3, upped the exposure and contrast and tried to give her a solid backdrop.  Try it!

I'm loving this  little tool by Conair that literally gets lint and pilling off of clothes and upholstery.  I posted it in my stories a week or so ago and so many of you said you needed it!  I used it on all my nursing bras that have that spandex material and I initially thought they were ruined, but I thought I'd try the tool on them and now they look like new! Also used it all over my couch! It literally shaves a bit of the fabric off the top! Best part is it's only $10!

I recently redid all the black and gray bins that were in our playroom to something a bit brighter when I stumbled on them at the store Five Below.  If you've never been there before it's worth a trip, or you can even order online!  They have so many cute baskets perfect for toy storage and the best part is everything is $5 or less! 

In need of a new hair brush?  The Wet Brush has been my go-to brush for years and I recently replaced my old one and thought I should share!  It is the BEST brush for tangles and the only thing I use on both my hair and Marlowe's! I don't know how it works on curly hair, but its like magic for super fine hair or course hair like mine!

I've been living in these little "house dresses" from Amazon and stocked up on a few for when the baby comes and I'll be nursing 24/7.  They come in a bunch of solid colors, are long (I like to tie the bottom), have pockets, and have adjustable straps that are easy to pull down.  These will be so great post C-section! I wish I found them sooner!
I might be late to the game here but I picked up a couple of these "magic marker" books the other day and then proceeded to buy a few more online a week later because honestly they've been a total LIFE SAVER!  I was using the water pen books for awhile with Marlowe but she seems bored of them, but the marker books have been saving me at restaurants, in stores, and even at the doctor's office the other day! She loves them!

I Spy books have been a complete hit in our household for awhile and always get Marlowe excited about "reading". They say they are for children way older but honestly kids 1.5 and up can easily do them with some instruction! Marlowe has zero problem with these!  There's also versions for toddlers but they are WAY too easy and I'd say they are more for a baby.

If you saw the pom-pom mobile I made in my stories the other day and thought you'd like to give it a try, here's a youtube video that shows you how to make a pom pom ball easily!  You can make your own mobile, use them as gift toppers, or add some to some baskets etc. I've even made them as ornaments in the past! So fun!

You know I always post a favorite recipe at the end of these so here's one of Kyle's favorite dinners! Crockpot Sweet Potato Chili is super easy and healthy and goes great with some avocado on top!

Have a great weekend everyone!



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