Friday, November 23, 2018

2 Year Old Gift Guide

Put together a quick two-year old gift guide for the holidays!  Although a lot of these toys would be great for a 1-3 year old too!  This is the age of pretend play, so most of these are geared towards that. I wanted to only put quality toys on here, wood toys that can be passed down.  Also, they are all from AMAZON! And several of these toys are running sales today and on Cyber Monday.  Links are below! This list has toys for both little boys and girls too, but if you missed my Little Girl Gift Guide from last Christmas you'll want to check that out too (there's tons of stocking stuffers there)! Also check out my Best Toys for Baby's First Year post from awhile back if you have an infant.  Happy shopping!

1. Tea Set in a Basket-I looked long and hard at all the tea sets (there's a ton out there!), and this one is by far the cutest! Love the basket and that it comes with napkins and utensils.  
2. Grocery Cart-We have a plastic shopping cart already, and it's the second one we've owned because they all break (she plays with it every day)!  I love that this one looks like the real thing, and will look really cute in our playroom (instead of the bright blue one we have now!).
3. Rocket Ship Playset- How adorable is this?  It's like a dollhouse, but rocket ship themed!
4.  Help Find Frank Book-This is a favorite in our house.  It's like an upscale I Spy book, and Marlowe loves the story!
5. Wooden Camera-I have a Christmas Tree ornament that is a little hanging camera.  Marlowe found it and was running around pretending to take pictures of everything.  She was laying toys on the floor and taking pictures of them.  She is a photographer's daughter after all!
6. Wood Doctor's Kit-Marlowe is always running around pretending she's a doctor.  But she has a plastic set that is completely falling apart.  Love that this is wood so it will last!
7. V-tech Learning Table-Marlowe got this table last Christmas and it's served us well for a year, she uses the table most for painting and coloring as the table flips up and has a spot to clip paper. There are two different color options too!
8.  Escargot Book-I've been wanting to get this book for awhile! Its an adorable story about a snail with some fun laughs. 
9.  Cutting Fruit Set-I just know Marlowe will play with this nonstop. She's all about that play food! 
10. Blender and Mixer Set- More kitchen items! She's always trying to climb up on the counter to play with my Kitchen-Aid.
11. Wood Cleaning Set-Again, pretend play all the way! Love that this is quality wood and that it will look super cute left out in the playroom. 
12. Clifford Books Boxed Set-Clifford is a favorite in our house! Such great stories for this age!
13. Wood Toolbox Set-Marlowe is always trying to steal the hammer and our screw driver and pretend to hang things (probably sees her daddy do it all the time!) It's time for a tool kit for her!
14. Pots and Pans Set-We've been needing a quality pots and pans set in the play kitchen for awhile.  (We are running on very old plastic blue hand-me-downs!)  I also know that kids like it more when their kitchen items look like the real thing!
15. Little Critter Books Boxed Set-Marlowe loves every Little Critter Book we own, and they are a favorite at bedtime! How cute is this boxed set?

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