Sunday, June 17, 2018

The Perfect Baby Shower Gift

I don't know about you, but shopping for a baby shower gift can be daunting!  I always try and get my friends something that they will actually use and not return.  For me, that means never buying clothes as a gift because let's be real and say that allllll the pink or blue stuff is obnoxious.  Plus every parent has different clothing tastes.  It also means, gifting something that I've used, and can stand by.  Enter Primally Pure's natural baby product line.

I am always looking for products that are safe to use on Marlowe's delicate skin. Common name-brand products often contain chemicals and toxic ingredients that I wouldn't dare put on a baby.  I don't have to worry about this with Primally Pure's baby line because each product contains pure, natural ingredients with NONE of the other junk.  In my opinion, THE PERFECT baby shower gift is, The Baby Kit //$48// pictured above.  It has all 4 of Primally Pure's baby products in an adorable little bag with the sweetest Winnie the Pooh quote on it.
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Baby Balm //$16//
I swear by this stuff.  This little jar contains a mixture of tallow, beeswax, extra virgin olive oil, calendula, emu oil, and marshmallow root (all organic!) that you can rub on just about anything.  It's perfect for diaper rash, cracked nursing nipples (this stuff cured mine!), and growing bellies for stretch marks.  I even put it on my lips when they are super chapped!

Baby Powder //$8//
Remember the days when moms would dump that good smelling white baby powder all over their little one's behind?  Those days are gone for most moms because the ingredients in common baby powder (talc) have some links to ovarian cancer.  Primally Pure's baby powder is talc free, and contains a mixture of arrowroot powder and kaolin clay that help to absorb moisture!

Baby Bar //$12//
Finally a baby soap that doesn't contain chemicals and fragrances!  This Baby Bar is made of goats milk, shea butter, and coconut oil and leaves your skin feeling moisturized...I would know because I actually love using it on my own skin in the shower.

Baby Oil //$26//
This pretty little jar has so many different uses for baby (and adults too!).  You can rub it over baby's skin after a bath as a substitute for "lotion", it works wonders for cradle cap, and I even use it as a cuticle oil on my own nails.  I used to rub it all over Marlowe's flaky head during those cradle cap days and the flakes would brush off with a comb!  It contains a combination of sunflower oil, apricot seed kernel oil, jojoba oil, and calendula flower that nourish the skin.

Any new mom-to-be will not only love this set of products, but will also feel good about putting it on their baby's skin.  Sounds like the perfect baby shower gift to me!  For more information about Primally Pure's baby line, read this blog post about the inspiration behind their products. 

**Disclosure:  This post is sponsored by Primally Pure.  All opinions and photos are my own.  

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  1. Wow! This is fantastic. I have done everything for my friend’s baby shower and will start decorating the event venue as well. Thanks a lot for sharing such a helpful post. I am going to forward this post to all my other friends as well. They are going to like it for sure.


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