Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Marlowe's Bookshelf {20 Months}

I've had several requests for some toddler book recommendations, so I'm delivering as promised! Marlowe loves to read, especially before nap and bedtime, but her taste in books is always changing.  I'm constantly looking for books that she will love! As a former teacher, I'm a strong believer in age appropriate books for each stage of development.  Books that are too challenging can make kids lose interest in reading, while books that are too easy don't allow a child to gain new concepts.  Here's a roundup of 10 books that Marlowe requests to read over and over again at 20 months (you can purchase all the books through the link below from Amazon!).

Red Car Green Car
A cute little book that teaches colors!  It has pull-down tabs that change the color of the car on each page!  Marlowe loves pulling down the tabs, and this book has definitely reinforced her knowledge of colors.  If you want a book that teaches colors for a younger age, then press on this link for the book that worked for us!

Clifford the Big Red Dog
Marlowe generally likes non-fiction books over fiction, but Clifford the Big Red Dog is her exception.  She loves all things with dogs (like her mama!) and Clifford is an easy, simple read that toddlers can understand.  This is the original classic, but there are tons of others in the series!

Little Owl Says Goodnight
This is Marlowe's go-to nighttime book.  It is different because it has sliders that your child can push up or out with their fingers.  Initially Marlowe loved saying goodnight to each animal, but now she likes to count the bugs and mice on each page.

Treasure Hunt: At the Zoo: A Fold Out Book
This is the coolest book!  Each page opens up to a larger poster-ish size with several animals on the page.  It's like a toddler version of I-Spy where I ask her to find a certain animal on the page.  She loves it!  There's also a hidden butterfly on every page that she likes to point out every. single. time.

Backyard Bugs
Is your kid into bugs as much as mine?  This bug book explores the most common bugs in a colorful way!  It's pretty simple, and gives a fact about each bug on every page.

Poke-A-Dot What's Your Favorite Color
Think of this book like popping the bubbles on bubble wrap.  It's a big, heavy book that has spots for your child to push and pop where they are counting and identifying colors.  There's quite a few books in this series but I linked the one that we own.  There's also a dinosaur themed version, an Old McDonald animal version, and a goodnight poke-a-dot book on Amazon that I really want to get my hands on eventually.

Everyone Poops
This is a pretty funny book.  When I bought it at the store the sales person had a good chuckle.  We wanted to grab a couple books that would introduce Marlowe to potty training months before we actually started training her, and this one is a hit around here.  It talks about how different animals poop, and shows how people poop on the potty.

Big Girl Panties
I love this book!  Instead of talking about the potty, it talks about how big girls, moms, grandmas, and aunts wear panties.  Marlowe makes me read it over and over again!  She always asks if her Daddy, and her Lolo and Pop (her grandpas) wear panties which makes me giggle every time.

Lift The Flap First 100 Trucks and Things That Go
In addition to bugs, Marlowe's newest favorite thing to read about are cars and trucks!  This is the upgraded version of the classic First 100 Words books, because each picture has a little flap that opens up with something behind it.  I actually found this book at home goods, but there's several versions on Amazon and you could easily pick the version that will hold interest for your toddler (the animal version was really cute!).

A is for Apple Trace-and-Flip Fun!
A great book for introducing the alphabet at this age!  It has your toddler trace the letters with their fingers and has flip up spots with pictures of things that start with that specific letter.  I love that it associates sound with letter recognition.

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