Friday, March 30, 2018

Friday Favorites!

It's been a crazy week around here!  I found out I was super anemic so I've had lots of doctors appointments to figure out a solution, Kyle is out of town all week, my in-laws are all visiting helping out (thank God!), AND my dad was here too! We have a full house for sure! In Marlowe news, she has a scraped up face/fat lip from completely face-planting on the concrete outside.  On top of it all, my camera is STILL broken and it's looking like I'll need a new one!  AND it's Easter weekend! Despite all the craziness, I thought I'd share a few Friday favorites with you.  These are all things I'm currently loving for myself, Marlowe, or our home! And speaking of favorites, that photo above is my new FAVORITE picture of this wild girl!

If you've been watching my Instagram stories this week, you'll see that I tried out Daily Harvest!  It is a delivery subscription service that has smoothies, overnight oats, lattes, ice cream, soups, and bowls! I only ordered smoothies this week and so far I'm LOVING the Mint + Cacao flavor and the Cold Brew + Almond.  They were super easy to blend, and snuck in tons of nutrients.  Use this link and you'll get 3 free in your first box!

Marlowe has seriously had a growth spurt.  ALL her dresses are too short, and her shoes are too small.  So, I've been stocking up on her Spring wardrobe lately!  I just ordered these Freshly Picked Sandals because they pretty much go with every outfit.  I ordered these Zara tennis shoes months ago and they FINALLY fit her.  They are so adorable on her and are such good quality.

For easter, I bought Marlowe this Remie Girl dress, although I had such a hard time choosing just one!  All their dresses and leos are beautiful and they are perfect for twirling!  I'm pairing it with this gauze Lark and Laurel bow!  (Use code MARLOWEFF for 15% off your bow purchase!)

I am dying to order this Mickey Mouse Dress from Zara for all our Disneyland trips!  Also, I'm obsessed with buying any kind of romper or jumpsuit for Marlowe!  I love that they are so easy to put on, and let her climb easily at the park.  I just picked up this yellow jumpsuit and I just LOVE these sunsuits from Alice and Ames.

Zara Disney Dress

Yellow Jumper from H&M

Alice and Ames Sunsuit!

Because it's basically always swimsuit season here in SoCal, Marlowe got this beautiful bikini from Rylee and Cru and I'm betting it will match her blue eyes perfectly.  I also love this one-piece!

For me on the other hand, I'm all about being comfortable!  I bought these Aerie shorts a couple weeks ago on sale and I know that I'll be living in these all spring!  Perfect for the beach.  I've also been wearing this Brandy Melville sweatshirt constantly because it's just so dang comfy!  It was a gift from my mother and sister in law!

I'm super into twinning with Marlowe.  I mean I'll do it till she tells me it's not cool. I love these matching Mama and Little tee-shirts for our comfy days!

Can't see but my shirt says "mama"!
For the home, I've been picking up these seagrass baskets everywhere I find them.  They are so great at disguising mess because I'm literally throwing toys and blankets in them!  There's even one on my kitchen counter hiding papers, pens, and mail!

Marlowe's current favorite toy is this Melissa and Doug house.  She can't use the keys to lock the doors on it yet, but she is obsessed with opening and closing them and putting the little people in it.  Out of all her toys, this is the one she keeps going to lately!

Also, I'll be making this Cinnamon Roll Casserole and this Hashbrown Casserole on Easter Sunday but adding some turkey sausage!  These two are a favorite in our house and are super easy for crowds!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend and Easter celebrating with family!



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