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A Little Girl Gift Guide

Marlowe on her Nugget Comfort (linked below!)

Can you believe Christmas is just 11 days away!? HOW did that happen so fast?  Even though Christmas isn't about gifts, let's be real and say we buy them anyways.  So, I put together a gift guide for all the little girls in your life around Marlowe's age!  I'd say there's something on this list for any little girl from age 1-3!  Also, there's a lot of gifts on here that boys would love too, especially the stocking stuffers list!  Some of these things Marlowe has and loves, some of these things I bought her for this Christmas, and some are things I totally WANT to buy her, but then I'd be out of money so it's just not happening yet.  For all you last minute shoppers out there, most of these things are from Amazon and can be sent with 2-day shipping! I tried to come up with a list of things that are useful for more than just a month, that encourage imaginative play, and toys made for learning. Everything is linked below (just press on the purple headings).  Merry Christmas!

The BIG Gifts 

1.  Nugget Comfort - Seriously the BEST thing ever.  It's a fort/couch/bed all in one.  
2.  Radio Flyer Tricycle - Love this little tricycle because it can grow with your toddler!
3.  Trampoline - Does your kid have a TON of energy like mine? Trampoline to the rescue.
4.  Basketball Hoop - A great outdoor toy!  There are also soccer and t-ball equivalents by Little Tike if you prefer those!
5.  Doll Bed - Marlowe is obsessed with dolls and taking care of them.  I LOVE this quality wood bed for all her babies. 
6.  Ikea Play Kitchen - Any play kitchen really, but I love this Ikea one because of the modern look.  Marlowe has this already at her grandma's house and it's a hit.  Obviously buy all the play food to go with it!
7.  Rocking Animal - I linked the Zebra rocker from Land of Nod, but they have a cute lion and a pig too!  Amazon also has a bunch!
8.  Frozen Dollhouse - Does your little girl love Frozen like Marlowe?  I've heard great things about this Frozen Dollhouse.
9.  Foldable Couch - Marlowe has this couch in the pink Minnie Mouse version.  It's AWESOME because it folds out into a little bed.  She acts like a big girl sitting on it, puts her babies on it, jumps on it etc.  The best part is I don't really care what she does to it because it's only 35 bucks. 
10. Play Tent - There's all kinds of tents out there but they come with a hefty price tag usually.  This tent is from Cotton On and it's only 20 bucks!  Plus it's adorable!

The Little Gifts

1.  Water Baby (or a baby doll) - To be honest I could just buy Marlowe a million baby dolls and she would be the happiest kid in the world.  She's a bit doll obsessed so I linked this Water Baby (like the ones we used to have!) because it's a bit heavier and more "baby" like.  
2.  One Thousand Things Book - I found this book at Anthropologie originally, but then found it on Amazon for cheaper.  It's a beautiful book full of first words for little kids.  I can't wait to give this to her!
3. Seek-A-Boo Game - This is the coolest little game for toddlers.  It comes with big flashcards with recognizable pictures of everyday objects and makes for a useful learning tool. 
4.  Mouse in Box - This might be my favorite thing on here because it's soooo adorable.  Marlowe loves little animals and I know this will be a hit. 
5.  Cuddle and Kind Doll - For every Cuddle and Kind Doll you purchase, 10 meals are given to a child in need.  Not bad if you ask me, plus these would make the perfect lovey.  
6.  Melissa and Doug Toys - I really love all Melissa and Doug toys because they are sturdy and educational.  Search Amazon for more, but I linked a little magnetic farmhouse with latches that is super fun to play with Marlowe.  
7.  Lakeshore Personalized Picture Book - I made my own version of this book, using construction paper and page protectors, and it's literally her favorite thing to look at right now.  It's a neat little book where you put pictures of familiar people and identify their names.  Great for developing vocab!
8.  Character Pajamas - We went to Target the other day, and Marlowe saw these jammies and about freaked out because they had Elsa on them.  I bought them OBVI.  
9. Remie Girl Dress/Leo - Marlowe is allllll about twirling in her dresses.  Remie Girl makes the cutest dresses that are all perfect for twirling and are amazing quality, plus they have pockets! 
10. My First Brain Quest - Remember Brain Quest as a kid? Well I was thrilled when I found this set! They are never too young to start learning and I'm always looking for things I can bring with me at restaurants that will entertain her. Each card has questions and pictures that I can ask her to find or identify things. 

Stocking Stuffers

1.  Crayons and Coloring Books (dollar store!) - The dollar store has the BEST things for stocking stuffers, but Marlowe is really into coloring so I stocked up on their coloring books!
2.  Play-Doh - Cheap, easy, fun. 
3.  The Wet Brush - My kid LOVES brushing her hair, my hair, Mowgli's hair....The Wet Brush is MY personal favorite brush for my own hair so I love this little mini version of it!
4.  Dot Markers - A mess free way to paint!
5. Sippy Cup with Favorite Character - This Frozen cup is our special cup for smoothies and yogurt.  She points to Olaf constantly.  Search Amazon or Target for a cup with your little's favorite character!
6. Stickers, stickers, and more stickers! (First Word Stickers) - Stickers are cheap, and my girl puts them on everything.  I linked the First Word Stickers that go with the First Word Book (also a fav of Marlowe's right now!)
7. Bubble Podz - I'm always needing new things to keep bath time fun, and these little bubble bath pods are pretty cool. 
8. Ceiling Stars - Another cheapy, and we aren't necessarily going to put them on the ceiling, but I know she's going to have a blast with these in her dark room or for a fun bath!
9. Plui Rain Cloud Bath Toy - Another bath toy that has awesome reviews.
10. Motts Fruit Snacks - I could fill Marlowe's stocking with just these fruit snacks and she would think it's the greatest day ever.  
11.  Water Wow Books - Another great on-the-go activity by Melissa and Doug.
12.  Helping Hands Fine Motor Skills Set - A fun little set that is perfect for sensory play.  Stick these in a bucket of rice, cheerios, jello, and you have an instant activity. 
13. Magnet Wand - So many fun activities you can do with magnet wands.  Think using it for finding magnets in sand, paper clips...
14. Play Pack Grab N Go - They have these Play-Packs at both Target and the Dollar Store and they are perfect for those outings where you just need something for them to do.  They come with crayons, coloring pages, and stickers.  
15. Dollar Store Flashcards - The Dollar Store always has all kinds of different flashcards and Marlowe loves to look at the pictures and identity the object.  

Ikea Play Kitchen

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