Monday, April 8, 2019

Maternity Photos with Briar

Finally sharing the rest of my maternity photos taken by the incredibly talented Britney Moore! She's taken a ton of family photos for us, including my maternity photos with Marlowe, and I'm telling you guys...she's the best! We took these when I was almost 36 weeks pregnant with Briar at my favorite spot near Corona Del Mar Beach.  It's this tiny beach that usually isn't very crowded and only locals seem to know about, but Kyle and I have watched countless sunsets here and it's always been special to us.  I knew I had to have photos taken here eventually! The day of photos I almost canceled because it was freezing cold, there was a possibility of rain, Marlowe was sick, and I was super pregnant and not wanting to drive to the beach.  But we all sucked it up and I'm soooo glad we did!

Outfit Details
I always like to plan out out shoots as best as I can with finding outfits that compliment each other without being too matchy.  My plan for the photos was to look natural by wearing nude "beachy" colors, doing my makeup more subtle than usual (I don't have on red lipstick!), and bringing something a little extra for the eye by wearing a hat. My dress was a total steal at only 9 bucks off the clearance rack at Nordstrom Rack, the hat was from Target by Universal Thread,  Kyle's floral shirt was from JCrew, Marlowe's skirt is from Daughter Co, her sweatshirt is from Zara (ps totally not the outfit I had planned but it was cold and she was sick), and her green bow is from Mae and Skye Co.

These last few photos were "brave" of me because I almost never show my belly due to all my scars from all my surgeries.  But, I wanted to take a few to remember what my pregnant belly and body looked like and I'm glad I did.  

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