Sunday, November 18, 2018

Monday Must-Haves!

I wanted to throw this list together before Black Friday so my readers could snag some sales!  Things have been busy again around here and I've started planning our new baby's nursery which has been tons of fun!  And if you missed it we announced that we are having another girl!  Thanksgiving is this week and my preggo self is super antsy for allllll the food!

I'm starting with my FAVORITE thanksgiving dessert that I've made every year since before Kyle and I were married.  It's basically a twist on your standard pumpkin pie and is half cheesecake!  The recipe I'm linking makes it "low-fat" by using the 1/3 fat cream cheese, but I just buy the regular cream cheese because why not haha.  I also like to make a swirl on the top with the remaining batter to make it nice and pretty! You can also buy a pre-made graham cracker crust to make it even easier! Press here for the recipe! Not lying when I say it will be the first to go.  I always make two so I can keep one for myself hahaha.

Speaking of food, I've been cooking tons lately and decided I wanted to try and make some Biscuits and Gravy for a dinner one night! Guys, this was so easy and SO good and definitely would be awesome for company or a weekend breakfast (warning, it's NOT healthy). I served mine with an egg and veggie stir-fry! The trick is buying the ground HOT sausage and I suggest only using ONE can of biscuits vs the 2 that it recommends because otherwise it's too bready and not even gravy.

Now that the weather is cooling down a bit, I've been all about wearing jammies and being cozy all day!  For your little ones my all time favorite pj shop is Plain Jane.  I just bought Marlowe this dotted flutter sleeve nightie because she seriously loves wearing nightgowns to bed.  They just released a unisex line (yay for little boys!) and some seriously cozy looking mommy pajamas too so that can match with your babes!

If you are looking for more affordable pj's for your kiddos I just discovered these ones on Amazon!  Marlowe has 3 pairs (thanks to grandma!) because they come in a ton of colors and I'm telling you they are SO SOFT and I love that they are solid, muted colors.  They are beautiful and she never wants to take them off.  The best part is they are ONLY 15 bucks! The girl version has a little frill on the neckline and sleeves, and the boy version is solid.

And while I'm still on the subject of pj's I might as well link the Christmas jammies I bought for the whole family this year! I got a one-piece because of my growing belly and while Kyle thinks I look ridiculous in it, I LOVE IT. Marlowe got the matching nightgown, and Kyle got the PJ pants.  Don't be surprised if our Christmas card picture this year has us wearing these.

I've been living in these house slippers from Amazon.  Our whole house is wood floors and I needed something to keep me warm that I can also wear outside to walk the dog!

Marlowe has been growing like a weed and has been in need of new clothes.  I've literally bought her nothing for the cold weather besides pj's (if you couldn't tell from above).  I'm waiting for June and January to have an awesome Black Friday sale because it's my favorite place to shop for basics!  Everything is solid in some fun colors and they are great for layering! I love their twirl dresses and their cardigans for Marlowe! They are also releasing a mama line on Black Friday with some nursing/bump friendly dresses and tops!

If you are in need of a couple toys to keep your little one occupied, I've got you covered!  I bought these SUPER cheap bath boats from Amazon when we moved into our new house based on some Amazon reviews.  I'm telling you she has never played with a bath toy so much.  They are just simple little boats that float, but can stack and connect.  She loves to count them too!  Marlowe's also been really into puzzles lately.  She has a few of these wooden puzzles and loves putting them together as they give her more of a challenge than the ones that just fit into a certain slot.  And if you're in need of some easy Thanksgiving activities for the week, this link has you covered!

And since Christmas is literally around the corner, I bought this $25 rose gold tree for Marlowe's Playroom!  It's pre-lit and nice and skinny and will be perfect for her to mess up and decorate all she wants! (We haven't put anything on it yet!) Note that it looks nothing like the actual listing online, it's way skinnier!

I've also been looking for some "modern" Christmas pillow covers for the couch and our bed to match my decor style.  I just love this one from Ikea, and this deer pillow from H&M!  I also love these modern red pillows for accents, or these green foliage pillows for something more subtle. I like buying cushion covers because they just go over my existing pillows!

And speaking of decor, I wanted to share my absolute favorite Instagram account and bloggerNesting with Grace has the BEST ideas for making your home cozy on a budget. If you don't follow her, DO IT now! I promise.  I also highly recommend joining her facebook group as it's a place where you can post a picture of something you are trying to decorate and get TONS of feedback from people! Everyone posts great sales and finds, and it's been a wonderful community for inspiration.

Finally, I mentioned above that I'm working on the baby's nursery!  Another blogger I follow posted this curtain tutorial on her blog and I'm kind of obsessed.  It uses cheap drop clothes from Lowe's, and the outcome is SO beautiful.  The best part is you don't have to sew anything.  Should I do it? Yay or nay?

Phew that was a long one!  I hope you all enjoy your Thanksgiving week and realize all the things you have to be grateful for!



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