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25 Ikea Must Haves

Ikea Children's Latt Table and Chairs and Ikea Couch!

I have a love/hate relationship with Ikea.  I love going there for their prices because you just can't beat them!  I also don't like spending money on expensive furniture when it is just going to get ruined from a dog and a kid.  Plus, I get super bored of my decor quickly, so it's always nice to change things up for cheap!  The downside of Ikea is I almost always leave with a headache.  That store is a literal maze and I HATE the putting together part (or should I say Kyle hates the putting together part...ha!).  I finally figured out to go straight to the downstairs marketplace when I arrive and skip the showroom makes the trip go so much faster!  Also, I highly suggest searching for "Ikea Hacks" on Pinterest...the things you can do with their furniture is pretty amazing. 

Here are the items I LOVE from Ikea!

These are my favorite decorative pieces from Ikea for their functionality, price, and modern design. 

Tejn Sheepskin Rug //14.99//
This is a small, stylish faux sheepskin that looks great just about anywhere.  Throw it over an armchair, over an ottoman, on top of a dresser (ours is on top of Marlowe's dresser!), or on top of another rug for that "layered rug" look that's in right now.

Alseda Stool //29.99//
These rattan stools are super stylish and functional.  They work well in pairs either side by side in front of a coffee table for the kids to sit on, or stacked on top of each other as an ottoman.  I also see lots of people put the sheepskin rug I linked above on top of it!

Fladis Seagrass Basket //12.99//
I love the functionality of Seagrass baskets.  They are great on top of a kitchen counter to hold all the junk you don't want to see, on the floor to hold blankets, in kids rooms for swaddles or bows, and even on the floor to hold an indoor plant.  Sometimes they are hard to find at Ikea because these baskets fold down flat and then you pull the handles to pop them open!

Ribba Frames //price varies//
These Ribba frames come in all different sizes and in either black or white.  They are super affordable and look amazing when used as a gallery wall.

Mosslanda Picture Ledge //6.99-9.99//
This picture ledge comes in black or white, and looks good just about anywhere.  There are two different sizes, and they look great with the Ribba frames I linked above. 

Matilda Sheer Curtains //19.99//
These white sheer curtains have lasted years in my guest bedroom.  I love Ikea curtains because they are all 98 inches long so you can take the curtain rod to the top of the wall and add height to any room.  I particularly like these curtains because they are light and airy, and make our guest room feel relaxing.
Duvet Covers and Pillowcases //19.99-39.99 depending on size!//
I linked the buffalo plaid duvet cover, but in general Ikea is the place to go for affordable bedding.  A king duvet set is only $39! 
Throw Pillow Covers and Inserts //6.99-14.99//
Ikea has the best throw pillows because you can unzip them and wash the cover!  Or if you are like me and like to change the covers seasonally, then you can find some simple solid covers and fun prints and patterns to go with any season while using the same pillow insert.

Ikea's kids department is pretty solid.  They stick to the essentials, and have had the same pieces in their collection for years because they are timeless.

Antilop High Chair //22.99//
Seriously the best high chair out there.  This is literally the EASIEST high chair to clean because there are no spots for food to get stuck in and the seat just wipes clean.  The tray pops off for cleaning, and did I mention it's only 22 bucks?

Kladdig Bib //5.99//
I love this bib because it covers Marlowe's clothes completely when I don't feel like undressing her.  It's also great for when we paint!

Mala Easel //19.99//
This is the cutest little easel for coloring at a perfect price.  Ikea also sells a large paper roll you can attach to it for things other than chalk.  It can be used in a classroom too or for party decor as a sign!

Latt Children's Table and Chairs //29.99//
This little table is adorable and the perfect height for toddlers.  There's also TONS of Ikea hacks for it on Pinterest where you can make it your own.  I personally like the natural wood look!  We keep ours in our living room, and then I take it outside to have lunch on, or craft because it's seriously so easy to move!

Duktig Play Kitchen //79.99//
Marlowe has this kitchen at her grandma's house and loves it.  I LOVE the minimalist design, and the price.  Just like the table above, there are tons of Ikea hacks for this one too!  People go so far as to put backsplash, spray paint the sink, and use removable wallpaper for the counter.  Ikea also has tons of fabric play food to go with the kitchen. 

Sniglar Crib //79.99//
If you are on a budget for nursery items, this crib has everything you need.  It's modern, and the natural wood look is in right now!  Babies are in their crib for such a short period of time before they move to a toddler bed so there's no need to spend an arm and a leg.  Also check out Ikea's crib mattresses to go with it!

Minnen Extendable Bed //119.00//
You've probably seen this toddler bed all over Instagram and for good reason.  It is not only adorable and stylish but you can change the bed into 3 different sizes.  It can be the length of a crib size to a twin size mattress.

Bekvam Step Stool //19.99//
We have this step stool in every bathroom in our house because it's the only stool I could find that was tall enough for Marlowe to actually be able to reach the sinks in our house.  Plus it's only 20 bucks!  They also have it in natural wood, and black if that's more your taste!

I could have posted a lot of things in this section, but I'm just sticking to what I own and love!

Kivik Sectional Couch //1,449.00//
If you have kids or dogs, you have to own a couch that you can wash!  Ikea couches are the best because you can unzip the cushion covers and throw them in the washing machine (just make sure you air dry them).  The couch I own is no longer sold, but I love the Kivik Sectional because you can shape it in multiple ways and they have several colors.

Hemnes Bedroom Set //69.00-249.00//
The amount of people I know that have the Hemnes bedroom set is pretty funny.  But, it's because it's hard to find a quality bedroom set for this price!  The drawers roll out super smoothly, and have a cute striped pattern in the inside.  They also sell a thin glass top cover you can put on each piece to protect it and allow you to set drinks on the top easily.  I linked the 8 drawer dresser above!

Lappljung Ruta Rug //99.00//
If you know anything about rugs, you'll know that its nearly impossible to fine a 7 x 10 rug for $99.  Except this one!  We have this low-pile rug in our loft and I love how it makes a bold statement.  I've seen others use it under their dining room table because it's flat and easy for chairs to pull in and out, in their living room, or even a baby's nursery!  The black and cream color make it super versatile to match any color scheme you are using in your home.

Stockholm Rattan Chair //229.00//
If you're in need of a good accent chair, this is it!  I love that it sits low, and can be used in any room! with a cute throw pillow. 

The Essentials
These are the items I almost always grab when I get to Ikea because they are SO cheap!

Bolman Toilet Bowl Brushes //0.99//
Yup, I just put a toilet bowl brush on my blog.  This is literally the first thing I throw in my cart at Ikea.  I usually buy 3 at a time because they are only 99 cents. 

Antagen Dish Brush //0.49//
The second thing I grab are these dish brushes!  They work well and are only 49 cents! Can't beat that!

Bevara Sealing Clips //2.99//
These are my FAVORITE chip clips ever.  They come in a pack of 30 in all different sizes.  Everyone asks me about these when they come over and so I had to share!  They are usually near the dishbrushes in the store and can be hard to spot if you don't know what you are looking for!

Tolsby Frame //0.99//
These little babies are 99 cents and are great for parties, your desk, or in classrooms!  They are super easy to spray paint too! They hold a picture on both sides and don't fall over like a lot of frames do.  I like to use them when I throw a party as a label for food items, directions for the sign in book etc.  In my classroom I used them for station directions because I could put instructions on the front and back. 

Fantastisk Paper Napkins //1.99//
I always grab a pack of napkins at Ikea! They have tons of colors and prints, and are great for dinner parties.

***Pictures are from the Ikea website. 

That's it! I would love to know what your Ikea faves are too!
Ikea Picture Ledge, Ribba Frames, and faux hanging plant in our loft!

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