Friday, February 2, 2018

1.5 Years Young

Dear Marlowe,

I love writing these letters to you on your milestone months, and 18 months a.k.a. 1.5 years old seems like a good time to write to you.  You sure are something special little one.  There isn't a person that meets you that doesn't tell me that.  Your personality has bloomed these last few months, and oh boy you sure do like to test your mommy and daddy.  But it's ok, we always like a good challenge.  In a few adjectives you are best described as unbelievably funny, eager, assertive, and joyful.

You still love music, but are super demanding about what is allowed to be playing. Your current faves are Taylor Swift (but only her newest album), Love is an Open Door from the Frozen soundtrack, and good ole Justin Bieber's Baby song.  You dance just about anytime you hear music, you can't even help it.  And you sing in the shower, all on your own, without anyone telling you to (and yes you prefer a shower over a bath now). 

You are finally napping like a champ.  It only took you 17 months to figure that out.  But in order for you to nap well, mommy has to climb into the crib with you and rub your feet and back till you fall asleep.  But then you fall asleep, and you are perfect, snuggling up to your Clifford and Buzz lightyear stuffed animals. 

You looooove watching Tangled right now, and I'm pretty sure you have a crush on Flynn Ryder.  You basically would request to watch that 24/7 if I let you.  Grapes are your favorite snack, but you call them "apes".  Mac and Cheese is your favorite food, and you'd probably bathe in it if you could.  You basically devour fruit, and don't touch vegetables except cucumbers and pea snacks.  You love making animal sounds, and calling every dog a "bubba".  You are VERY vocal, but "NO" and "MORE" are your current favorite words.  You've also started calling me "Mommy" instead of "Mama" and it melts my heart every time.  We love to read together, in your rocking chair, where you usually request something with animals or Clifford.  You love going to the park, and just being outside in general.  You always pick me a flower or ten.  And you've discovered bugs, and want to touch them and say "hi" to them.  You notice ANYTHING out of place, and are super bothered as you say "uh-oh" until someone decides to fix it.

We are working on saying sorry when we do something naughty.  And not hitting when we are mad.  Your newest book called No Hitting, is a new favorite around here.  You love to throw your whole body to the floor when you don't get your way, and scream. While you can be stubborn, you sure can be nice.  You love to share, especially the food that you don't really want.  You love to give hugs and kisses to the people you love.  You say hi to EVERY single person in a store.  All the old ladies tell me, "Wow, she sure is friendly!" You do this funny thing where you close your eyes when you don't want to see someone, as if closing your eyes makes them disappear. 

You are incredibly beautiful.  You have the most gorgeous head of thick honey/blonde colored hair.  With the cutest bangs that just keep growing forward, just like mine did as a kid.  Your hair just keeps growing, but your mommy only knows how to do two hairstyles on you - pigtails, and a cindy lou-who-ish pony on top of your head.  Your eyes are striking in the light, and you have the cutest little short asian blonde eyelashes to go with them.  You squint so much when you smile, that your eyes disappear into a little line.  And your smile, it shows all your teeth, and your cute little dimple on your right side.  Your smile matches your laugh that's always changing, it's like you are trying out new laughs to see which one you like best. 

I love you my sweet girl, keep being wild. 



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