Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Marlowe's Wildflower First Birthday!

When planning Marlowe's first birthday party, I wanted the theme to be something that describes who she is at this moment.  I decided on a "wildflower" theme because she is just that, a wildflower.  She is this social butterfly that loves everyone she meets, little miss independent, and unique in her appearance.  I saw the quote, "She is like a wildflower, beautiful, fierce, and free", and I knew THAT was my little girl.  Plus, the whole flower theme went with her monthly flower pictures from the year! 

We had a small backyard party of super close friends and immediate family.  Her decor was a labor of love.  I DEFINITELY went overboard when I said I wouldn't!  But whatever, I'm her mom and that's what moms do.  I started with designing an invitation, that I just had printed at Office Depot, and then all the decor went from there! I kept a pink, purple, and yellow color scheme to match her invites!  Then I just basically bought a bunch of card stock and made a ton of paper flowers that we stuck up everywhere (and kept falling off the whole party!)  I definitely watched youtube videos and found Pinterest tutorials on how to make the flowers, seriously there's a TON out there.  I made various signs with wildflower quotes throughout the party, bought a bunch of cheap flowers from Trader Joe's that were all "wildflower" ish looking (I'm obsessed with the little white chamomile flowers!), used vases I already and painted some old Starbucks frap jars pink and yellow for the centerpieces on the table.  The flower table runners were just fabric that I had cut at the fabric store.

For the food, we had tacos!  It was super easy, and I don't know anyone who doesn't love tacos.  Her smash cake was made by a friend who has a cake business called, The Sweetest Couple.  I told her I wanted a vanilla naked caked with blueberries, chamomile flowers, and lemon frosting because Marlowe LOVES lemon flavored stuff and inhales blueberries.  I got the cake topper from Etsy!  I am obsessed with how it turned it and it tasted AMAZING!  They also made the most adorable flower sugar cookies to go with the theme.  I made the cupcakes myself (vanilla and lemon with cream cheese frosting!) to go with the cake, and flower shaped lemon bars that turned out way better than I thought they would (I am the WORST baker ever so how they turned out is literally a miracle!).  We found some flower napkins, the mustard yellow cake stand, and the macrame table runner at Home Goods.

I wanted a sign in book to give her one day so she could see who was at her party!  It is the sweetest book called, How to be a Wildflower, and is full of tons of inspiration and beautiful artwork.  Seriously such a cool book that was a total find.  

We also made a designated little play area for all of Marlowe's baby friends who were coming! 

The macrame wall hangings were 5 bucks and were perfect to clip on her monthly milestone pictures! I also made the photobooth where you could stick your head in the flower, out of a trifold board and just painted some flowers on it! Super easy!  

I found the cutest picnic blankets in the dollar section at Target, that I thought would be perfect to lay in the grass for additional seating.  

Marlowe had a blast most of the party, but was soooo tired at the end.  She didn't want to be held at all, or stay still for a decent picture because she was too busy walking and playing with her other baby friends.  She got a pink car from my mom for her birthday present, and that was her favorite thing most of the party!  Her and her BFF June fought over it most of the time haha. She loved her smash cake, and was literally sitting there eating it instead of making a mess of it.  Her white dress was from Zara, and her flower crown, that magically stayed on the whole party, was from Etsy. 

feeding mowgli as usual!

It was a wonderful party, and I'm so glad we got to celebrate her!  

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