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Marlowe's Nursery Room Tour!

When designing Marlowe's nursery, I wanted it to be different then a typical pink nursery with her name on the wall.  I didn't want it to be filled with too many babyish things, but rather decor that could grow with her once she is out of infancy.  Putting together her room was a bit of a challenge because while I was pregnant we were living in Charlotte up until I was 33 weeks and didn't know where we would be living in California.  So basically, I wasn't able to buy ANYTHING until we had moved, and you guys, that was SO HARD.  My nesting, mothering instincts were going crazy, especially when one of the things I love doing most is decorating!

Anyways, we finally made it to California and were staying with my mom for a few months until we found somewhere we wanted to live.  My mom was kind enough to let me completely redo her guest bedroom just for Marlowe's nursery while we lived there.  We went all out decorating it, and then moved when Marlowe was almost 2 months old and then I just transferred everything over into her new room in our house!

The rule of decorating is to find a piece you LOVE, could be a rug, a pattern, a pillow etc...and then decorate the entire room from that single piece.  For me, it was a wall sign I found on Etsy that said, "Beautiful girl, you can do amazing things".  It was a large sign that I knew was a statement piece that could grow up with her.  It's something I want to speak into her and remind her that she can in fact do or be anything she wants to be.  

From there, I knew I wanted to go with black and white (because I'm a sucker for any black and white pattern!).  Then, I needed to choose a statement color to go with the black and white so I chose coral because she was a summer baby.  All her decorative accents are safari-ish themed! 

I wanted her crib to be modern. I found this Babyletto 3 in 1 toddler bed and crib that I just LOVE. Again, it's another piece that she can use past infancy.  I ended up buying her some custom crib sheets from Etsy.  The ones pictured here have a black, white, coral floral pattern that match her room perfectly!  She also has a solid black sheet, and a black and white triangle sheet that I love just as much!  I change her sheets soooo often so you have to have back up! The pillow in her crib that says "Our Girl" was custom made from Etsy.  This shop has the cutest pillows and I really want more for her!

I went with the white corner changing table, that I talked about in a previous post.  I love this thing so much!  I found cute black and white dalmation spot, and striped baskets at Home Goods that were perfect for the shelves to hold her diapers and wipes.  The large black basket on the bottom is from Target.  I have two different changing pad covers - a white one, and a coral one, both from Amazon.  

Her black dresser and nightstand was a gift from my mom.  I love the inserts for these baskets I found at Target!  They hold her large collection of bows and socks!

I searched long and hard for a glider for her was probably the item I had the hardest time finding because I hated the look of most rockers/gliders.  Most of them weren't modern enough for her room and still SUPER pricey.  I finally found this glider on Amazon for a decent price and we couldn't be happier with it.  The ottoman is just solid black, and opens for storage.  It holds all her blankets! Eventually I want to change it to a moroccan poof but this will do for now! 

I am a firm believer in rugs for bedrooms because they pull together a room and I like hiding ugly carpet.  I chose a super shaggy rug from Target that has a bold black and cream design.  Our dog, Mowgli loves this rug more than anyone else I think haha.  

The curtains I chose are from Urban Outfitters!  They are a coral ombre pattern and go from light to dark when they are closed.  We now have tasseled blackout curtains behind them (not pictured) to help Marlowe sleep during nap time. 

The bookshelf in her room is ancient.  It was mine growing up that I used for books since before middle school.  Then I kept it and used it for shoes, and now it's sitting in Marlowe's room ready for a makeover.  I have literally TONS of books for her because I was a teacher, they are all in bins in the garage, so she needed something more than just a few shelves on the wall.  I hung her hats above the bookshelf and some wall hooks to the left for miscellaneous items.  

Above her dresser is an Ikea shelf with some frames and some of my favorite books!  The Zebra bookend is from Anthropologie (Did you know they have the cutest kids section online?).  The baby block was a gift from the sweetest friend. On top of the dresser is a vase of coral flowers for a little girly touch, and an Ikea sheepskin rug.  I also got the Flamingo quilt hanging on her crib from Anthro! Another one of my favs in her room. 

The gallery wall ended up being so much easier than I thought it would be!  I literally made one stop to  Hobby Lobby and went crazy.  The coral heart was painted by my sister-in-law who is super talented!  She also painted the zebra hanging above her glider.  The  leaf wall hanging was a find from Etsy!  Gallery walls always look best when you incorporate different textures so I thought that hanging would be the perfect addition!

The final piece in her room was the mobile.  I spent the MOST time looking for this and I literally drove myself crazy.  I hated the look of the mobiles that attached to the crib and I had at least 10 different custom made mobiles that were saved in my Etsy cart.  I ended up finding the most beautiful mobile from Amazon of all places.  They are white swans (or storks?) made of paper and I was able to attach it to the ceiling with a simple 3M hook.  The best part is that it was super inexpensive compared to the pricey ones I had saved on Etsy!  

The only thing I would do different in her room is wallpaper a wall and add a light fixture, but we are renting so if we decide to stay in our house longer then I will add to it! But for now, her room is exactly what I wanted it to be and suits her fun personality perfectly.  

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