Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Five Must-Have Newborn Items!

When I was pregnant with Marlowe, I found myself asking every mom I knew what their MUST HAVE baby item was! I was completely lost in every baby store and found myself totally overwhelmed.  I ended up buying several things I didn't even use, and then going to the store once Marlowe was already here buying the things I actually needed. Every mom had some useful suggestions - everything from the Nose Frida to a Boppy but the items listed below are the ones that I personally couldn't have lived without during those early months with our baby girl...

1.  Boppy Lounger
Not the typical Boppy Pillow that many moms use to help nurse or for tummy time, the Boppy Lounger is unique in that it serves as a place to lay your always sleeping newborn.  I would put the lounger on the couch, on the bed, on the floor basically anywhere and set Marlowe in it.  What's great about it is that the top is slightly elevated, and the sides are raised so your newborn feels a little more like they are being held.  It was basically a way cheaper, smaller version of the Dock-a-Tot.

2.  A Baby Wrap/Sling Carrier
When I first saw all these cute pictures of moms with their babies close to their chest in a wrap, I thought it looked waaaaay too complicated for me.  But then I caved and bought a wrap anyway and seriously had no clue how to tie it.  I watched about 20 youtube videos on all the different ways to wrap your baby, and finally got the hang of it. Before the wrap, I was finding myself unable to get anything done.  Marlowe just wanted to be held allllll the time (as do most newborns!). I would stick Marlowe in there and she would almost instantly fall asleep on me.  Baby wraps make your little one feel like they are in the womb again!  You can go to the store without carrying around a big ol' carseat, do your laundry, and put your makeup on all while wearing your baby.  There are sooooo many brands of wraps out there and that can be a little overwhelming in itself so I recommend the Solly Baby Wrap.  The fabric is much more breathable than some of the others and they come in some seriously beautiful colors.

3.  Corner Changing Table
Ok this is by no means a necessity. But seriously moms you HAVE to have this!  This corner changing table is my FAVORITE thing I purchased for Marlowe.  Sure, you could buy a regular changing pad and put it on a dresser, but this thing fits perfectly in the corner of your nursery, and has all kinds of shelves for things like diapers, wipes, lotion, etc.  I filled mine with cute baskets and it serves as the perfect place for storage.  Plus, your baby isn't going to roll off because both sides are closed off.  It just makes so much sense! And yes that is a wipe warmer on the top shelf, which I totally recommend as well.

4.  Primally Pure Baby Balm / Nipple Cream
Real talk...no one tells you just how sore your nipples are going to be if you decide to nurse.  Mine were raw, blistered, bleeding and incredibly painful.  I would almost cry every time Marlowe latched on for the first 6 weeks of her life.  And then teeth came and they were sore all over again.  I bought EVERY nipple cream out there, (Lanolin is the big name brand), all of which did nothing because they were just a protector, and NOT made for healing.  My friend gave me this Primally Pure Baby Balm and it was a game changer.  My nipples started healing overnight! Plus, it's completely natural and safe for baby to ingest.  It also serves as a diaper rash ointment for baby, you can rub it on their dry spots, and rub on your pregnant belly to help prevent stretch marks.  I also really love putting it on my chapped lips! You need one in your diaper bag, one for your bathroom, and one on the changing table:)

5.  Rock 'n Play
This is the one item that several moms told me I had to have! Turns out, they were right.  The Rock and Play is a ton cheaper than all those fancy swings and rockers and it's even better! I would know, because I had this and a fancy swing.  This thing gently rocks back and forth, has a soothing vibration, and plays music.  The head is also elevated and I know lots of moms use it for their babies with reflux as a replacement for a bassinet.  Bonus, it folds up super easily for storage or to carry wherever you need it.  Marlowe would take her daily naps in it up to about 5 months old.  Look how cute she was with her fingers in her mouth!

Bonus Item**For Baby Girls Only
If you are having a little girl, a must-have is a subscription to Little Poppy Co.  You get 3 bows a month for $11.99 plus shipping.  They always have the CUTEST bows and you can't beat the quality!  Plus they come on these nylon headbands that don't hurt their little head and are one-size fits all!  If your baby has hair, you can opt for a subscription with the alligator clips instead of the headband.  In almost every picture you see of Marlowe, she probably has one of these on!

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